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The Best Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are everywhere. Wherever you turn you either see someone drinking one, an advertisement, or stores selling them. There is a huge market for energy and a lot of people use them. The problem is that there are some many options. I mean there are so many different companies making energy drinks it can be hard to find the best one for you. There are many reasons you could use an energy drink and we are going to cover them and recommend which drinks are the best for each.

Number one reason to use an energy drink is for…. You guessed it, energy. Energy to make it through the day, wake up in the morning, or stay up late. Now not just anything can fulfill this. Some drinks give you jitters from sugar. Some are packed with way too much caffeine, and others don’t work. For this I would recommend Red Bull or Monster. They do tend to have a lot of sugar, but as long as you not to sensitive to it, they will give you that added sense of energy and the power to go on. The flavor of these to drink can be described as unique. They do have a sugary flavor to them. Once you use them serveral times you with be well acquainted with the flavor.

Number two reason would be for added concentration or focus. This could be for sports or study. For this I would recommend Stacker 2 Stinger drinks. They come in a few different flavors and are quite good. I have use them several times and recieved no jitters and added concentration for studying, reading, and writing. The feeling can be described as just being more aware of you surrounding and what you doing.

Number three reason would be a combination of the two. You may have a hard time getting started in the morning, need added concentration, and don’t want to have the sugar crash. For this I will recommend XS energy drink. I comes in 8 different flavors and they are all very healthy. All but two flavors have 0 sugars, 0 carbs, and only 8 calories. It even has tons of B vitamins (4900% B12). I know healthy things don’t normally taste good but these really do. I particulally enjoy the tropical flavor. Being that these drinks have no sugar there is no crash and the energy seems to last longer. It is more of a gradual increase and a gradual decline, than an off the wall experience.

Your can find more infomation on these energy drinks and many others as well at

The World’s 10 Greatest Hiking Trails

If everyone placing personal ads who claimed the hobby of “hiking” really did it with any regularity, the earth would have been trampled flat decades ago.

But those who really do enjoy this peaceful outdoor activity have plenty of incredible choices in every corner of the world.

Here are the ten best hikes on the planet, each with a combination of scenery and special extras that make them well worth going out of your way to enjoy.

Tongariro Northern Circuit, North Island, New Zealand

It is certainly no secret that New Zealand boasts some of the world’s most beautiful and dramatic scenery, which is why it’s not surprising that one of the world’s most spectacular hikes is located on these mountainous islands. While many people who hike in the Tongariro Reserve (a World Heritage site) on the Northern island stick to the one-day Tongariro Alpine crossing, the multi-day (2 nights and 3 days) Tongariro northern circuit provides hikers with a much richer and scenic experience.

Hikers on the Tongariro Northern Circuit hike for about 35 kilometers through non-stop compelling volcanic and desert environs that will make you feel like you are trekking on the surface of another planet—all while giving you high mountain peaks as a backdrop, diversely striking vistas wide variety of different scenery. Hikers who set out on this out-of-this-world hike (quite literally) will circumambulate the active volcano Mt. Ngaurube (Mt. Doom for those Lord of the Rings fans out there) while hiking past boiling mud pools, craters, interesting lava features, the amazing water filled volcanic vents, glacial valleys and water-filled explosion craters called the Emerald Lakes. Things stay nice after dark, as you get to stay in comfortable alpine huts along the way that have decent beds, gas heating and stoves, running water and toilets. Hikers on this trek can also easily do two short side trips to the tops of both Mount Tongariro and Mount Ngauruhoe—allowing hikers to gaze out at the captivating volcanic scenery below.

Zion Narrows, Utah, United States

While hiking through the volcanic landscape of the Tongariro northern circuit may provide enthusiasts with an extraterrestrial experience, hikers are sure to be amazed at the unique and stunning scenery of trekking through the Zion narrows in the American southwest. Recently ranked as #5 on National Geographic’s list of America’s Best 100 Adventures, this trail will have you hiking up streams through dramatic, narrow slot canyons.

Hikers will wind their way through colorful, sculpted sandstone walls that rise up to 3,500 feet (that’s just about 1 km). The trek will also lead hikers through the famous “Wall Street,” a 2-mile section of the journey that crosses through a narrow canyon where the walls close to just 22 feet wide at the top. Hiking through water for about 60% of the hike up the streams that wind their way through these breathtaking slot canyons, you will see hanging gardens bursting from the red canyon walls, trickling water threading through cracks in the canyon walls and sprouting patches of moss, waterfalls sliding over the sandstone, and sandy banks with towering ponderosas. However, while this wondrous journey is sure to enchant hikers, it should be noted that hiking through the Zion Narrows is extremely dangerous, as flash floods can come quickly and the entire area is a huge drainage. Rainstorms up to 50 miles away can storm down the canyon and every year hikers die on this trail. Make sure to check the weather report in advance to make sure there is NO RAIN whatsoever in the forecast. However, with proper precautions, this hike, which is rated as one of the best hikes in the entire U.S. National Park system, is truly unparalleled.

Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Any serious hiker or trekker dreams of going to Nepal to journey through the world’s most dramatic mountain landscape. While most hikers think of Kathmandu and Everest when they hear the word Nepal, the Annapurna circuit (which circumnavigates the Annapurna massif) not only has staggering snow-capped and rugged peaks providing for a spectacular backdrop, but the hike also offers trekkers great opportunities to see a wide range of natural and cultural diversity.

This 3-week trek allows you to stay in comfortable lodges as you hike from lush sub-tropical landscapes into the highest mountains in the world (beware of altitude sickness as the trek goes to a elevation of 17,749 feet). As you hike the Annapurna Circuit, you will get to interact with the Tibetan mountain peoples, see Buddhist temples, visit teahouses, soak in hot springs and take in some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in the entire world.

Inca Trail, Peru

Most people who know something about travel, know about the famous and world-renowned Inca Trail. While some of the more hard-core types out there may think of this amazing trek as cliché, the truth is that this trail is popular for a reason. Peru offers some of the most beautiful South American mountainous scenery and, while some criticize the trail for being over-regulated and too popular, Machu Picchu is a destination worth seeing and the hike along the way is sure not to disappoint, with plenty of scenic vistas and amazing views.

Along with offering spectacular scenery, the Inca Trail is not only safe and easy to organize, it also allows trekkers to hike through jungle to high alpine terrain, visit 3 sets of Inca ruins along the way, and take in the beauty of the Peruvian mountains over the 3-night, 4-day hike. Plus, at the end of the journey, hikers will arrive at one of the most celebrated man-made destinations on Earth.

Tiger Leaping Gorge, China

This 15-km gorge located along the Yangtzee River between approximately 6,000-meter Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and the 5,300-meter Haba Xueshan mountain, in China where rapids pass under a series of dramatic 2,000-meter cliffs. The gorge got its name from a legend that says a tiger once jumped the narrowest point of the gorge to escape a hunter (which is still 25 meters). As one of the world’s deepest river canyons, Tiger Leaping Gorge is a beautiful and scenic hike for those adventurous trekkers.

The high-road trail is well-maintained and marked and takes hikers on a 14-mile journey with varied mountain views that features a surprising variety of micro-ecosystems, waterfalls and even guesthouses where hikers can stay along the route.

While this gorgeous gorge is a essential and protected part of the World Heritage site of the Three parallel Rivers of Yunnan, the Chinese government has proposed building another hydroelectric dam that would flood this place—meaning hikers interested in seeing this beautiful, lush canyon should probably head there sooner rather than later.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

If summiting the tallest point on any continent has always had major appeal, but you are not sure you’re up for a technical, dangerous and rigorous climb, then hiking to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro is a great option. Kilimanjaro is often called the world’s tallest walkable mountain, because while it stands at nearly 20,000 feet, no technical climbing skills or equipment are needed (mind you, this does not mean it is an easy hike—the journey is still physically demanding and people die every year from altitude sickness on this mountain).

There are several routes to the top of the tallest free-standing mountain in the world and the highest point in Africa is not only of the seven summits (the tallest points on each of the seven continents), but it’s also one of the most diverse and varied hikes in the world. Hikers start near the equator and hike through every climatic zone on the 6-day, 5-night trek that leads you from hot grasslands through temperate forests to glacial valleys and a frigid summit.

Kalalau Trail, Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai’s Na Pali coastline, which translates as “the cliffs” and which distinguishes the most impressive feature of this stretch of coastline boasts some of the most dramatically beautiful scenery in the world. Sheer cliffs dropping into the blue Pacific waters below, lush tropical valleys with picture-perfect waterfalls, green, velvet coated mountains and waves crashing dramatically into the rocky cliffs mark this hike into the remote and protected areas of coastline, where you can also spot pods of dolphins, humpback whales and sea turtles off the coast.

The 11-mile trail etches into the cliffs that raise as much as 4,000 feet above the ocean below and crosses 5 major valleys and countless smaller ones. The sometimes-treacherous trail takes most experienced and fit hikers one day and many hikers two, who camp in a permitted spot along the way. The trail was first built in the late 1800s, with portions rebuilt in the 1930s. It is almost never level, and in some spots the trail is quite narrow along cliffs dropping hundreds or thousands of feet to the ocean below.

Torres del Paine Circuit, Chile

Those looking for dramatic alpine landscapes, glacial fields, astonishing, jagged mountainscapes and a chance to get a look at the stunning spires of pink granite that make the famous towers of Paine should hike the Torres del Paine Circuit in Chile’s Patagonia mountains. Named one of the 50 places to visit in your lifetime by National Geographic, as well as being named a UNESCO biosphere reserve, this 100-km circuit offers surreal mountain vistas, glacial lakes, unique wildlife. You might even see a glacier calving. The wondrous track takes you through Magellenic forest, muddy bog, rocky gullies and over makeshift bridges.

Hikers should be weary that while this region is totally gorgeous, it is also notorious for inclement and often quite horrendous weather—meaning that not only will your pack be heavy laden with all of the appropriate gear to keep you warm and dry in the event of a storm, but it is also possible to get stuck in a bad storm or run into closed portions of the trail. But, the bad weather keeps this trek from getting overly crowded and you’ll feel all the more rough’n’tumble and accomplished for having braved harsh conditions (and those towering spires of the Paine will probably look all the more beautiful).

Tour de Mont Blanc, France

Regularly making lists as one of the best hikes in the world, this route circumambulates Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest peak standing at just over 15,000 feet. The 170-km hike offers stunning views of Mount Blanc and other Alp peaks, beautiful green valleys, blue alpine lakes and huge glaciers. The well-marked and maintained trails also lead hikers past wild chamois and ibexes, allow them to climb iron ladders bolted to the mountains and enjoy the alpine charm of the French Alps.

The other great part of this hike? While you may not feel quite as tough staying in the comfortable and warm refuges (hiking huts) along the way, not having to carry food or a tent makes for much lighter loads. Also, while opting to take the cable cars and chair lifts along the way could be considered cheating, it’s a great way to shorten your hike on certain days and be able to take in all the beautiful scenery without having to be too hardcore. Plus, the refuges offer comfort along the route—serving up hearty and delicious French food and wine and allowing hikers the chance to stalk up on food and supplies.

West Coast Trail, British Columbia, Canada

If you are looking for a surreal experience hiking through pristine Canadian wilderness, catching beautiful vistas of both temperate rain forests, rugged coastlines and dramatic mountain peaks, then the West Coast Trail is an absolute must. Hikers will awake to misty dawns, enjoy unbelievable sunsets, cross boulders and logs over rivers, scramble up creeks, hike past waterfalls, be dwarfed by enormous trees in an old growth forest, spot whales, sea lions, minks and maybe even bears or wolves, and check out shipwrecks and other historical sites.

This unique, stunning hike with immensely varied terrain can be difficult to get one of the limited permits available every summer and costing about C$200 per person it is also the most expensive hike in Canada. Also, inclement weather even in the summer months can make for heavy packs for climbing over mossy rocks and all of those ladders. That being said, this hike is well worth both the money and the heavy pack, as no other hike in North America offers such varied scenery from forest to mountains to sea.

5 Tips for Closing a Sale

Is closing your Achilles heel when it comes to sales?

Check out these closing tips to see how you can close strong.

1. Avoid questions that will lead to a yes or no answer. Your questions should be open ended and asked with the intention of getting the customer to do most of the talking while you gather the information you need.

2. Know your client - Relationship and rapport are key elements in a closing. The better you know your client, the easier it will be for him to say “yes” when it comes time to seal the deal. Even more, the process of getting to know your client will help familiarize you with his needs, providing you with an arsenal of reasons why your product is the best product for his circumstances.

3. Respond to questions with questions. When the customer asks if a feature is included, ask if they would like it to be.

4. The word ‘only’ is probably one of the most powerful selling agents when it gets to the close. Good sales people can create a one-of-a-kind use on every product they’ve got.

5. Many sales employees wait for the customer to say, “Yes, I’ll take it.” So a good sales person says, “Do you have any other questions before I start writing this up?”.

Here are some video tips from experts about closing a sale:

ADHD Treatments

A.d.h.d. stands for attention deficit hyper-activity disorder and it’s a recurring condition that can have a great impact on a kid if a child does not get help, or if the right ADHD treatment isn’t prescribed. Some of the most common signs or symptoms of ADHD are impulsivity, innappropriate actions, and hyperactivity. These children have difficulty staying on task and finishing projects, which if not treated and identified early may be a massive barrier throughout the school years and eventually on the job. Before there was a diagnosis, these children were just seen as having lots of energy, or were just wild and always getting into trouble. Now that A.d.h.d. treatments are readily available, parents have the option of getting their child help so that they can be more productive in school and have fewer disruptions at home.

Not all parents and experts agree on what kind of A.d.h.d. treatment is the best, or if it should be used at all. Some parents feel that it is unnatural to treat a kid with prescription medicine that might have significant side effects, or otherwise harm the kid. Side effects are dose-dependent and can be lessened by lessening the dosage or switching to a different medication. Many times behavior modification therapy is not effectual by itself, which is why ADHD treatment normally requires use of a stimulating drug. Stimulants have the reverse effect on kids; these drugs do not increase hyper-activity, which is a normal response in grown-ups, but help the kid focus, control behaviors, and improve self-worth. Stimulants used in ADHD treatment help kids to complete tasks, learn more efficiently, and interact more appropriately with their peers.

Physicians and psychiatrists develop individualized ADHD treatments for each child, due to the fact that not all experience the same symptoms or have the exact same level of severity. There can also be other conditions that are there as well, such as physical or mental disorders that need to be addressed in addition to A.d.h.d. treatment. Such conditions may have a big impact on how the kid responds to treatment, and if not treated at the same time will tend to slow down progress. There are lots of websites on the web that discuss ADHD, the signs and symptoms, and how to go about obtaining help for your kid. ADHD treatments and the controversies surrounding them are also talked about at length. If you suspect your child has ADHD have him or her looked at by a professional as soon as is possible so that your kid can get the treatment she or he needs.

Gold Standard Protein

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Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard Protein 5lb!
Gold Standard Protein is, well…the Gold Standard!

It comes in the following flavors:

- Chocolate
- Vanilla
- Strawberry
- Chocolate Mint
- Pina Colada

If you don’t want to pay full price, here are some upcoming deals on Gold Standard Protein:

Scrapbook Journaling

Scrapbook Journaling is the practice of using blocks of written text to highlight and explain the photos and mementos on a scrapbook page. We’re talking more than just captions, though - these journal blocks should do more than just tell the who, when, and where. They should take the people reading it back to the memory, or transport them into the experience for the first time. These journal entries can be stories, or letters, or poems.

But what if you don’t consider yourself a writer?

Well, there are still tips you can use to do fantastic scrapbook journaling!

First of all, remember that this is nothing that is going to be graded or judged. This is something that is only meant to enhance memories of loved ones, to be enjoyed by yourself and loved ones. So just write from the heart and let it flow!

Next, don’t be afraid to rely on great writers and speakers of the past for inspiration, or even in using their words directly. Using famous quotes or poems which are very poignant and affecting can add a lot to your scrapbook journaling.

Lastly, make sure you write rough drafts of your text before writing directly on your scrapbooking page to ensure that the text will fit into the blocks that you have laid out for it.

Check out these RECOMMENDED SCRAPBOOKING RESOURCES to take your scrapbooking to the next level!

Quit Smoking

You are probably frustrated with all the conflicting information out there about the “right” way to quit smoking. Pills. Patches. Gum. Hypnosis. Sprays. Acupuncture. Cold Turkey, for God’s sake! Hey, maybe you’ve even tried one, some, or even ALL of these.

If you’re still looking for information, that’s right. That means NONE of it worked.

But don’t despair! There’s a better way.

CLICK HERE to find out how you can quit smoking TODAY. In just 38 minutes and 13 seconds, in fact.

The best part? It’s guaranteed. :) So CHECK IT OUT. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Repair XBox

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Do you want to learn how to repair your own XBox for free? And maybe even make some money off the deal?

CLICK HERE to find out!

Washington Mutual Foreclosure Properties

In this current climate of foreclosures, one of the best sources for foreclosure lists is Washington Mutual Foreclosure Properties. Many people are taking the opportunity that the foreclosure crisis is affording to buy foreclosure properties in large numbers and use them as rentals. The problem is locating a good source of foreclosure listings. If this is something that you are planning on getting into, then Washington Mutual Foreclosure Properties can definitely be a good source of listings.

Yeast Infection Cures

If traditional yeast infection cures are not working for you, or your yeast infections continue to recur, perhaps it’s time to investigate a natural cure - and one that works in 12 HOURS, no less!

- How to separate the GOOD ADVICE from the DANGEROUS ADVICE you will find on the internet
- How to figure out what keeps causing your yeast infections
- How to determine if you have a CHRONIC yeast infection - and cure it!

CLICK HERE to find out how to cure yeast infection fast!

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